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Challenges that I take on during my journey.

The ‘Not Until’ Motivation Method

I know you’re probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about.  Well this is a motivation method that has worked for me particularly related to reaching my fitness goals (picture starting to form?).  The way the ‘Not Until’ motivation method works is that it subjects you to endure something (you don’t particularly like or enjoy) until you reach your goals.  Take me for instance, right now I am refusing to shave my stomach until I get firm, lean, and muscular looking abs.  Now to someone else this may not be a big deal but for me personally, I absolutely HATE having hair on my stomach.  It looks gross!!  It’s been about 3 weeks now and my stomach looks like that of a hairy man’s back.  I’ve provided a pic below of how my stomach looks now.  When my abs look the way I’d like them to, I’ll shave my stomach.  This doesn’t affect anyone but me and that’s fine.  I get motivation from knowing the harder I work toward reaching my goal, the quicker I can get rid of my hairy stomach.

Now this is just one of my ‘not until’ methods that I’m sharing with you but this can be used in so many different ways.  For example, you may choose not to shave your legs until you lose 15 pounds or a guy may choose not to shave his face until he gains 5 pounds of muscle.  Additional examples are:

I’ll wear the same tie everyday until…..

I’ll do the dishes 2 days a week until…….. (usually applies to the guys)

I won’t get my nails done until…….

I won’t buy any new clothes until….

I won’t use social media until…..

You get the point!  This could get very interesting! You could make this as personal or public as you want and entice others to join in as well.  If you plan on giving this a try, comment and let me know what your ‘not until’ will be.  Also note that this doesn’t have to relate exclusively to fitness.  You can apply this to any goal you want to reach such as saving $5,000 dollars and refusing to eat out until you do so.

As promised, here are the pictures of my hairy stomach 😦 I’ll post an updated pic when I reach my goal




10 Week Push Up Challenge

This is a 10 week push up challenge that will increase your upper body strength, endurance, and build.  the push up is the most versatile upper body exercise as it works the entire upper body including the core.

The Challenge:

You will have a certain amount of push ups that you are complete each day out of the week.  You don’t have to complete them consecutively as long as they are completed that day.  For instance, if you have to complete a total of 10 for that day.  You can do 2 in the morning, 4 at lunch, and finish the remaining 4 before bed…it doesn’t matter as long as you complete them that day!  A week in this challenge consists of 5 consecutive days NOT 7!  Your body needs time to recover.

For this challenge to be effective you MUST use proper form (see video) and complete the required repetitions.  The challenge is as follows:

Week 1: 10 push ups a day

Week 2: 20 push ups a day

Week 3: 30 push ups a day

Week 4: 40 push ups a day

Week 5: 50 push ups a day

Week 6: 60 push ups a day

Week 7: 70 push ups a day

Week 8: 80 push ups a day

Week 9: 90 push ups a day

Final Week 10: 100 push ups a day

REMEMBER: A week is only 5 consecutive days!!

Be creative and get in a few here and there when you’re sitting around twiddling your thumbs.  You will definitely notice a difference in your strength, build, and you will be able to knock out a lot more push ups in one go!

I’ll post a video 1 day out of each new week to show me completing the required number of reps that are required per day for that week.  I’ll only do this up until week 3 and then I think you will get the point and can continue from then on.  My week 1 video is posted in the intro video below:

Join me and good luck to us all!