One Hitta Quitta Chest Workout!

In a time crunch and need to get in an effective chest workout??  I have just the workout for you.  Not only is this is super quick workout (no more thank 30 minutes, if that), but it works your chest like hell!  Your pecs will be screaming the next day.  I’ve recorded myself completing the entire workout so feel free to watch.  The workout goes like so:

Choose either flat bench press or incline bench press. I did incline bench press in the workout video.

You will complete 5 sets total.  You will start out with your lightest weight and increase the weight as you move on to the next set.  Pick a weight where you start to struggle a bit two thirds of the way through the set.  The workout looks like this:

Set 1 – 50 reps

Set 2 – 40 reps

Set 3 – 30 reps

Set 4 – 20 reps

Set 5 – 10 reps

Trust me, this workout is killer and it’s actually become my go through.  I sometimes althernate between different chest exercises using the same set and rep count.  Please comment and let me know how you like it.  Feel free to subscribe as well.  You can follow me on instagram @msmusclemass. Good Luck!!

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