HIIT Style Cardio for Fun and Weight Loss!

I can’t speak for everyone else but I personally HATE doing Cardio (or at least I used to) BUT it has to be done.  I started out doing the norm which is basically one of the cardio machines in the gym.  You know…. treadmill, elliptical, stairmaster, cycling, etc.  The problem with cardio machines is that it feels like work and it’s the same motion over and over and over again.  As you can imagine, this get’s really boring, really fast.

Enters the ‘H.I.I.T’ style workout which saved me from the boredom of cardio machines and actually got me to like cardio (like not love 🙂 ).  Not only that, it allows you to burn more calories in less time. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and involves bouts of high intensity exercises with a short rest period in between each exercise.  Usually the rest period is active which means you are doing some form of low intensity exercise.  The great thing about HIIT is you can create custom workouts for home or at they gym.  You can tailor them to engage your muscles as little or as much as you’d like.  Below is the HIIT workout I created and have been doing for the past two days.  Not only was it a great workout (really got my heart rate in the weight loss zone) but it was fun as well and never got boring.

Suggestion:  To make this seamless, download an app called ‘Wrkout HIIT‘.  This app is awesome!!!!  You can create custom time intervals and add the exercises as well.  You hit start and it’s an automatic timer that lets you know which exercise to for each time interval, you can set it for the total number of rounds you’d like to do the circuit.  It’s voice activated so you hear when it’s time to change to the next exercise and it also calls out what that exercise is.  Cool huh?!  Here’s a screenshot:



Here is my HIIT workout:

1. Jump Rope – 1 minute

2. Crunches – 30 seconds (active rest)

3. Jumping Jacks – 1 minute

4. Lying Leg Lifts – 30 seconds (active rest)

5. Standing Elbow to Knee Touches (alternating) – 1 minute

6. Crunches – 30 seconds (active rest)

7. Burpees – 1 minutes

8. Lying Leg Lifts – 30 seconds (active rest)

9. Kettlebell Swings – 1 minute

10. Crunches – 30 seconds (active rest)

11. Mountain Climbers – 1 minute

12. Lying Leg Lifts – 30 seconds (active rest)

13. Box Jumps – 1 minute

14. Crunches – 30 seconds (active rest)

I started off doing this for 2 rounds straight with n o rest between rounds, as it gets easier I’ll increase my rounds.  If it gets boring I can simply change up the exercises.  Remember these need to be exercises that get your heart rate up so you can burn fat.  The rest exercises shouldn’t be as intensive but allow you to still remain active.  I worked up one hell of a sweat doing this workout and 2 rounds only lasted about 18 minutes!

If you are going to use the app, going into the settings by clicking on ‘Workout’  in the upper right hand corner.  The ‘exercises’ tab will allow you to add your own custom exercises and the ‘settings’ tab will allow you to set your own custom intervals.

Feel free to share your HIIT workout, I may give it a try!



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