Review: ‘Trainer in a Bag, Military Strap Suspension Trainer’ by Woss Enterprises

What is it?

Some may consider Trainer in a Bag a bootleg version of the TRX suspension trainer.  Call it what you may but I’m a firm believer in finding bargains when it comes to fitness and the price of the TRX trainer was a bit steep at $200 or even $300 for the advanced TRX system.  I began a search to find something similar with the same capabilities but not the same price.  I purchased the Trainer in a Bag in February of 2013 so I’ve had quite a bit of time to thoroughly test this product.

2014-12-29 11.00.16

My 2 cents:


Overall this is a great product.  You can do ALL of the same exercises that you could do with the TRX trainer.  Setup out of the bag is seamless as you can pretty much set it up without necessarily reading the instructions.  It seems very sturdy as I’ve done everything from push-ups to tricep dips and there is not so much as a tear in the material.  You can easily make adjustments as appropriate for the exercise you’re doing.  Last but not least, the biggest pro is the price.  I was able to purchase this product for a whopping $22.49 with a total price of $29.96 after taxes! Can’t beat that!


For those of you that need to have the fly and flashy things in life, this may not be for you.  There’s nothing fly and flashy about the Trainer in a Bag compared to the TRX trainer.  Also, it doesn’t come with an extension like the TRX system does.  This is useful if you’re trying to hook up to something that’s a little thicker such as a tree trunk for outdoor training.  Another thing to mention is that the handles don’t appear as sturdy as those of the TRX trainer as they are made out of heavy duty string versus a continuation of the material from the extensions for each arm (see image below).  This may be an issue for those that may weigh a bit more as it may not feel as safe.


Where to purchase:

I purchased this from Amazon and you can view this product as well as additional reviews by going here.  If the link doesn’t work (page may have moved), just go to Amazon and type in ‘Trainer in a Bag, Military Strap Suspension Trainer’.  This may be the best method as you can search for the lowest price for this product.  Feel free to comment if you’ve used this product or found this review helpful!


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