Review: HBS-730 Bluetooth Headset by LG Electronics…Usefulness in fitness world

What is it?

This is a hands-free Bluetooth headset worn around the neck that is used for making calls, listening to music, and voice commands.  I purchased this product back in August of 2013 and continue to use it daily.  What I will explore in this review is it’s usefulness in the fitness world.


My 2 cents:


The HBS-730 does pretty well at least in my realm of fitness which is bodybuilding.  It syncs fine with my iPod and allows me to listen to music as I workout.  For this to be a Bluetooth device, the sound is fairly decent and the noise cancellation is very effective thus allowing me to really get into my zone.  It also ensures I don’t miss important phone calls or even text messages.  If a new text message comes in it does a short vibration that you feel on your neck.  If a call comes in it does an extended vibration until you either answer or ignore the call which can be done via voice activation if enabled on your phone.  The rubber material on the HBS-730 is very comfortable and you barely even notice that you’re wearing it.  As long as I have the proper sized ear buds (comes with different sizes-see below), it stayed securely in my ear during the duration of my workouts.  It’s also important to note that I’ve been using the HBS-730 for over a year with no issues and it’s still working fine so you can say that it’s very durable.



If you’re a runner, cross-fitter, or have very active workouts this may or may not be the device for you.  Once I started sweating profusely, it created an issue and I found that the ear buds continously slipped out of my ear.  This often times took me out out of my zone which is no bueno :(.  Even though I find that this device works great in my realm of fitness, there are times where it didn’t fit the bill.  When I did exercises such as the bench press, sit-ups, or anything that required me to lay down on my back, the HBS-730 would slip off of my neck and fall onto the floor.  What can you do?….gravity.  Also, if you’re really into hearing the bass when you listen to music you may want to go with something more professional like Beats by Dre.   The music gets a bit choppy when there is a high amount of bass which sounds more like noise than music.

Where to purchase?

Of course you can purchase directly from the manufacturer (LG) by going here for a suggested retail price of $69.99.  When I purchased mine, I got it on Amazon for $59.45.  This was in 2013 when they were fairly new so I’m sure you can get them on Amazon or even eBay for a lot less nowadays.  If you use this product or found this review helpful feel free to comment.

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