Fitness Bands….Are they useful to bodybuilders??

If you are even remotely into fitness then I’m sure you are aware of the fitness band craze.  They seem more geared towards people wanting to lose weight or simply be more active.  From a distance it doesn’t appear as if fitness bands are of any use for the typical bodybuilder….I mean they can’t track reps, push-ups, squats, and things like that.  They typically track things like steps taken, calories burned, distance, and even our sleep pattern.  A lot of them interact with some type of application that provides us with a dashboard view of our accomplishments.   So the question for us bodybuilders is….why even bother?

Well I’ll tell you why, at least for me personally.  I absolutely hate cardio or should i say ‘organized’ cardio.  You know…..the treadmill, stairclimber, elliptical, exercise bike….those types.  It’s boring to me, but I do it because I have goals I want to reach but I’m inconsistent to say the least.  This is where I believe a fitness band can help so I’m launching an experiment to see how it goes.  My spouse bought me a fitbit flex (see pic below) that I can wear on my wrist and it’s also waterproof so I can shower in it as well.  It tracks steps, calories burned, distance, weight and body fat percentage (entered manually). It also tracks sleep patterns but I’m not going to use that feature.

The experiment:

Right now I’m following a 12 week bodybuilding program and I am about 4 weeks in (I will post about it).  I’ve had my fitbit flex since about the middle of week 3 of my program and it’s allowed me to see just how inactive I am.  That’s all I did in week 3 was observe.  Then in week 4 I began working towards my goals that were automatically set for me with my fitbit flex (the goals are adjustable). The fitbit flex syncs via bluetooth with your computer or phone and posts your information to a dashboard after you’ve download the required application on your device.  Below I’ve posted a screenshot of the dashboard so you can see what my daily goals are.  What I plan to do is cut body fat using the fitbit.  What I’ve noticed so far is that it’s made me more aware of my daily activity which forces me to get up and take more steps in order to reach my daily goals.  Sometimes at the end of a workout if I haven’t reached my daily goals I’ll jump on the treadmill and walk until I reach that goal.  It doesn’t seem so much like ‘organized’ cardio since I have goals I’m trying to hit which makes it more like a game.  I’ll even go play racquetball for a while if I don’t feel like hitting the treadmill.  I’ve already seen a slight drop in my body fat percentage. There will be weekly posts with my accomplishments titled ‘Weekly fitbit stats’.  I’ll keep you guys updated and create a final post detailing my results at the end of my 12 week bodybuilding program.  Wish me luck!

Screenshot_2014-12-26-10-12-35  20141226_102108

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