Shake things up a bit….try this Crossfit Workout!

Whether you’re getting bored with your current workout routine, looking for a challenge, or just always wanted to give Crossfit a try, we’ve got the perfect Crossfit workout for you!  This workout gives you a great challenge no matter what your fitness level may be.  We will call this WOM which stands for Workout of the month as we will introduce a new Crossfit workout every month which gives you plenty of time to allow your body to adapt to the current workout and achieve optimal results.

Instructions: This workout includes 6 exercises which make up a set.  When all exercises in a set are completed, that completes one round.  You are to complete a total of 5 rounds in the shortest time possible.  Needless to say this workout should be timed from start to finish and recorded so you know your time to beat the next time.  It is recommended that this workout be completed at least 2 times a week.

Benefits: Ultimate calorie burn, improved cardiovascular fitness, total body workout, improved strength, toning

Crossfit WOM – June

  1. 15 Pushups (men’s style preferably or modified pushup if not feasible)
  2. Jump Rope – 45 seconds
  3. 15 Full body crunch
  4. 10 Burpees
  5. 10 meter moderate jog (down and back x 2)
  6. 15 Kettlebell/Dumbell Swings

Remember to record your time in order to help you track your improvements.  I’ll post one each month. Good Luck!

Note: Always consult a physician before beginning any workout plan.  For best results ensure to follow a proper diet plan.

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